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Wanna bet Trump will tweet about Comey?

Donald Trump Announces Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative At White House

Bettors could make easy money from US President Donald Trump's tweets. 

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Care to wager on President Donald Trump's most anticipated tweetstorm ever? 

Online gambling site BetOnline.Ag is putting the odds on how many times key words will pop up in tweets from the US president's @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS Twitter accounts during ousted FBI director James Comey's congressional hearing Thursday.  

So far, the words to watch out for are "Comey," "fake," "dishonest" and "believe me." More are sure to come, including perhaps "honest loyalty" and "let it go," phrases that will be said repeatedly according to a copy of Comey's prepared statements released Wednesday. 

Since Trump's upset win in November, global online gambling sites known for taking bets on sporting events are now trying to cash in on his unconventional running of America. Take London-based Ladbrokes, which has even odds on whether Trump will be impeached or resign before his first term ends. Then there's Dublin, Ireland-based Paddy Power, which isn't only following Trump, but also the elections in the UK

Back in the US, if Trump tweets at all during Comey's hearing, a bar in Washington, DC will provide free drinks to customers. The hearing will be streamed live on Twitter

For gamblers, Trump is the next best thing besides betting on the Super Bowl or any major soccer matches, said Dave Mason, a sportsbook brand manager for Speaking by phone from Panama, Mason expects much wagering involving Trump leading up to Thursday's hearing. 

"We think he'll have plenty to say," he said. "Otherwise, who in the hell knows what (Trump's) going to do?"     

For those betting with, each of the words has an over and under option on how many times it will appear, along with the odds on how much you can win by placing a $100 bet. 

"There's not much science behind this," Mason said. 

For example, the over/under on whether Trump will tweet the word "Comey" is set at two times. If gamblers bet Trump tweets "Comey" more than twice, the odds are +135. This means winners get their original $100 bet, plus an extra $135. 

If gamblers wager that Trump tweets "Comey" under two times, the odds are -155. So if a $100 bet hits, gamblers would win about $64 and some change, Mason said. 

While it may sound like easy money, Mason said there's only one way to find out.

"Put your money up," he said. 

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