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Westworld's hidden trailer isn't just a trailer, it's a Door to more


John P. Johnson/HBO

Much like the hosts themselves, several "Westworld"-related sites have starting behaving poorly. Is this the budding ARG we've come to expect from HBO and the showrunners? We know Delos is huge, but how deep does the rabbit hole really go? Seems like we're getting our first look. 

Let's go over what we have so far.

Hidden trailer in the trailer

After watching Thursday's official full-length trailer for season 2, Reddit users found a hidden code. 

Hidden Message in new Westworld Trailer from westworld

The code links to a new Delos Incorporated page titled "Freedom," and it looks like a fancy company trailer video, full of words and phrases like "bespoke," "better than real" and the forever-classic "Life without limits" tagline we've all come to know.  Click the link to see it on the Delos site, or watch here:

Discover Westworld is having a 'recall' 

For now, the Westworld visitor site loads to an opaque black screen displaying this message:


Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

Over that message you hear a voice, possibly Logan (Ben Barnes) or young William (Jimmi Simpson) saying, "Your world was built for me. People like me, not for you." And Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) replying, "Then someone ought to burn it clean." 

(Reddit users say it's the exchange from season 1, episode 9, but I think it looks and sounds more like William. See? OK, try this one.)

In any case, clicking Recall on the page takes you to what, at first, looks like the normal Westworld visit page. Glitches quickly take over, though, and you get a look at some bits of the new trailer, as well as some of Aeden's issues. 

Then comes the fun part. If you can get "past" the loop of the two talking, you get the real treasures. (Update: You can toggle the glitches by pressing Shift.) 

westworld-aeden-glitch-1Enlarge Image

First, Aeden pops in.

Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET
westworld-life-without-loopsEnlarge Image

This used to say "Life without Limits."

Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET
westworld-youre-the-problemEnlarge Image

Then, chaos. Pay careful attention to that wording.

Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

The following screens show that the hosts are firmly in control now. Where previously there were informational screens about what you could expect when you visit the park, now there are only seriously threatening messages. 

ESCAPE: We evolved. The experience evolved. We rule this world now.

FREEDOM: For us, a change. I wouldn't expect any for you. You squandered what little you had.

THRILLS: They were right: there is no theme for this park. The action is real. The stakes are real. And now no one is safe. 

POWER: Your impulses have proven to be your downfall. We're in control in ways you never can be.

At the bottom is a map that used to be informative and now pulses a scary red throughout the entire park. 

westworld-red-mapEnlarge Image

You can still click on certain places to see more about the location.

Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

As for the reservations screen, one user shared this lovely, inspiring screenshot. 

Puppet Show is Over from westworld

Delos is leaking

Like a sieve. Another Reddit user found Charlotte Hale's password in the code of the main Delos page (XOMEGACH). Entering it on the Delos main page opens up a Restricted section of the Delos Incorporated site, where you'll see a blue door modeled after the same one guests walk through onto the train to Westworld.

Once inside, there's a "room" full of blue dots.


Click the (+), trust me.

Screenshot by Caitlin Petrakovitz/CNET

By my count, there are 16 dots. But the only dot currently unlocked is titled "ABERNATHY.MP4." It doesn't dive into much, or even show more than a login screen, but the key takeaway here is that the short video ends with the phrase "Find Peter Abernathy" (Dolores' original father, in case you've forgotten).

Well, that's all I've found for now. Have you seen more? I'll be back with updates as as I see them, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe here to our Monday newsletters dedicated solely to Westworld and writing by yours truly. 


This piece is being updated as fast as Aeden is disintegrating and the hosts are taking over. (Find cover. Stay safe.) 


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